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Trade Show Display

We can assist you in crafting a high quality, fully customised trade show display with personalized graphics to ensure that you and your business stand out from the crowd!

The whole aim of attending trade shows and exhibitions is to create a memorable presence. Jameson Printing has proven itself time and time again in assisting our clients in standing out and getting noticed. Our design team can help you create a high quality, durable and impressive trade show display board which will effectively highlight your products, services and promotions. We offer a variety of sizes and materials to suit your pocket without having to compromise on quality. We have everything you’re looking for and if your particular trade show has set guidelines on your board we will follow them carefully to ensure you fit in perfectly!

Our display boards are heavily durable so you can reuse them or also later display them in your business premises to get the most value out of your money. Regardless of where you next set up your trade show stall or shop, we can help you make it a major success with the following styles of displays:

Banner trade show stands, traditional stands with an introduction to your business and promotional services and products

Hanging trade show signs, banners which will hang from the ceiling above your stall or shop so customers can see your presence from afar in the hall

Hybrid trade show displays, a background wall display which can incorporate other features such as a LCD TV screen

Island trade show displays, standalone signs you could place in front of your counter and in the centre of your allocated area

Pop up trade show displays, signboards which are placed on popup scaffolding which can act as a partition for your allocated area

Portable trade show displays, lightweight and easy to lift and move signboards

Shelf trade show displays, highlight your products on shelves with a signboard easily stating which product is available

Table top trade show displays, mini signboards which can be placed on table tops, easy to set up, lightweight and portable

If you’re wanting to spread the word about your presence and your next trade show appearance or perhaps your next corporate event, the team at Jameson Printing can help you get ahead by creating customized banners, flyers and posters to drive awareness and ensure maximum customer interest.

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